Line of Sight Accidents

Legal Guidance for Car Crash Victims on Cape Cod

At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III, our car accident attorneys have more than 146 years of combined experience representing Cape Cod residents and other individuals in Massachusetts who have been hurt in a wide range of crashes. Some of these are caused by obstructions that get in the way of a driver’s line of sight. We understand the pain and stress that an accident can cause both the victim and his or her family, and we have dedicated our careers to helping clients seek the full legal remedies to which they may be entitled. Our firm offers experienced, professional, and personalized legal services.

Holding a Negligent Driver Accountable for Damages after a Line of Sight Accident

As the name suggests, a line of sight crash happens when a physical obstruction blocks one or more drivers’ view of the road, making it more difficult for them to see and be seen. Whether it is a large road sign, low-hanging tree branches, street construction equipment, or even another parked vehicle, obstructions like these can lead to havoc for motorists. Drivers faced with these situations are expected to proceed with caution. Those who do not are likely to be legally liable for any accidents that result.

Massachusetts operates under a comparative negligence system, under which a judge or jury can spread the blame – and the legal liability – to more than one person or entity. That means that a person found partly responsible for a collision can potentially still obtain at least some damages. The remedies typically available in car accident cases include money damages for medical costs, property damage, and missed wages for time away for work, as well as pain and suffering and emotional distress. As long as the injured person is deemed less than 51 percent responsible for the crash, he or she will simply have the total damages amount reduced based on the degree of fault attributed to him or her.

In line of sight accident cases, moreover, it is often not just the drivers involved in the crash who may be liable. Those responsible for the obstruction may also have contributed to the accident. A delivery truck driver who illegally double-parks his car, for example, and makes it difficult for drivers behind him to see oncoming traffic is likely to be culpable for any accidents that happen when cars swerve around the truck. Road construction workers who place signs or equipment in ways that make it difficult for passing drivers to see traffic are similarly likely to be on the hook for any accidents that happen as a result. In these situation, the negligent person’s employer may also be liable. Under a theory called “respondeat superior,” an employer is generally liable for negligence by a worker that occurs in the course of his or her job.

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