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The Cape Cod car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III have many decades of experience fighting for the rights of people who have been injured in crashes throughout the Cape and elsewhere in Massachusetts. Our firm is committed to helping clients focus on their physical and mental recuperation with the confidence that comes from knowing that we are vigorously pursuing all of the compensation that they deserve. Take a look at our recent successes in personal injury cases, including many claims arising from car accidents, to see the results of our advocacy. We guide clients through the legal process with understanding, experience, and personalized attention.

Proving the Negligence of a Massachusetts Driver in an Improper Merging Accident

Car accidents may happen in almost countless situations, but many of them stem from a driver failing to pay adequate attention to others on the road. Improper merging collisions, for instance, occur when a driver merges from one roadway onto another without taking the time to see that the lane is clear. These crashes may also happen when a driver tries to force their car into the merging lane during heavy traffic, such as during rush hour.

A person who is injured in a car accident in Massachusetts that was caused by a failure to properly merge has a right to seek compensation from anyone who was responsible for the crash. They may be able to obtain damages for medical bills, property damage, and missed wages due to time away from work, as well as compensation for their pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, and other non-economic damages.

To get compensation, an injured person usually needs to bring a case that is based on a theory of negligence. State law requires drivers to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner under the circumstances. This includes checking lanes properly before the driver merges and refraining from speeding or other aggressive behavior behind the wheel. A driver who fails to live up to this “duty of care” usually will be found negligent and held accountable.

The burden is on the plaintiff, or the person bringing the case, to prove that the driver being sued was negligent. This requires putting together a comprehensive evidence record that clearly shows that the driver was acting unreasonably and that their careless or reckless decisions behind the wheel directly caused the crash. It also usually involves presenting medical evidence to show the full scope of the injuries that resulted from the collision.

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