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Unsafe behavior comes in many shapes and sizes out on the open road, and failing to properly yield is just one of the possible causes of serious car accidents that can result in severe injuries. The Hyannis car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III represent clients who've been injured in crashes caused by a wide variety of negligent driving, including the failure to yield. Since 1994, we've served the region by dedicating our practice to assisting people injured in auto collisions. We fight on our clients’ behalf to get the money they deserve from responsible parties such as negligent drivers, insurance companies, and third parties like vehicle and parts manufacturers.

Facts About Car Accidents

More than 135,000 car accidents occur on Massachusetts streets and roads each year, according to the state highway safety division. That includes not only relatively minor fender benders, but also more serious collisions and even fatal multi-car pile ups. Roughly 400 people are killed in car crashes statewide annually and another 4,000 or so are seriously injured.

When Drivers Must Yield

Many of these accidents are caused by a driver's failure to yield. There are a number of situations in which a driver is required to yield to other motorists and users of the road. That includes:

  • At stop signs
  • Making a left turn into oncoming traffic
  • Merging onto a highway
  • Entering a street from a private residence or parking lot
  • In the presence of active police or emergency vehicles
  • At flashing yellow or red lights
  • Where pedestrians or bicycles have the right of way

When a driver fails to properly yield in these and other circumstances, he or she is likely to be considered legally responsible for any injuries caused. That may include liability for damages such as medical and doctor's bills, missed wages for injured parties who are unable to work, property damage, replacement costs, and mental and emotional pain and suffering.

Negligence for Failure to Yield

A person injured in a car accident caused by a driver's failure to yield has a legal right to seek monetary recovery from the responsible driver. Negligence is the legal theory under which these claims are typically raised. In order to establish negligence, the person suing (plaintiff) is required to show that the person being sued (defendant) owed the plaintiff a "duty of care," that the defendant breached that duty, and that the breach caused the plaintiff to suffer an injury.

Drivers generally owe one another a duty to act reasonably and responsibly on the road, and failure to properly yield is usually considered a breach of that duty. The challenge in these cases, however, can be connecting the dots. First you must establish that the other driver actually failed to yield, then you must show that this failure caused the accident. Finally, you must prove that a specific injury or medical condition was caused by the accident and not some unrelated factor or event.

How Our Firm Can Help You

At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III, our lawyers have a combined 146 years of experience representing clients in car accident cases, including those caused by a driver's failure to yield. We understand how to put the pieces of evidence together to build a clear and convincing case for our clients. We also know how to negotiate with opposing parties and insurance companies in order to settle cases without resorting to litigation when possible. We have previously obtained settlements in excess of $1 million for clients in car accident cases. We provide personalized and comprehensive services for the clients we represent, explaining the process to them and keeping them apprised of developments every step of the way while working diligently to maximize the recovery they deserve.

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