‘Tis the Season to be… Cautious – Recalls that Could Affect Consumers in Massachusetts and Nationwide

The holiday season can be both joyous and stressful. Shopping, decorating, and social obligations can be challenging enough without the added issue of a potentially dangerous or defective product.

Unfortunately, product recalls do not have a “season,” and a Cape Cod product liability attorney can tell you that an accident can happen just as easily during this time of the year as any other. Thus, it is important to be ever-vigilant about the vehicle you drive to the mall for your holiday shopping, the food you arrange on the party buffet, and even the gifts you pass along to friends and family.

Recent Recalls for Automobiles

Subaru of America, Inc., recently recalled 9,178 sedans – 2015 WRX and WRX/STIs, to be exact – due to an electrical short that could cause a factory-installed subwoofer located in the trunk to catch fire. That’s right:  listening to Christmas music can literally set your car on fire! If you have one of the affected vehicles, you should receive a notification from Subaru, which will inspect the problematic wire, install a retainer clip, and replace the subwoofer if it has already been damaged. Owners also have the option of contacting the company directly (mention recall #WTQ-76).

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s website also announced that the shift lever assembly of certain Toyota Siennas can be moved into “park” without depressing the brake pedal. If the parking brake is not applied, this can cause the vehicle to roll, possibly leading to a crash. The affected vehicles were made in 2005-2007 and 2009-2010. Toyota is notifying owners and dealers of the issue and will replace the shift lock solenoid free of charge.

Alerts from the United States Department of Agriculture

The Food Safety and Inspection Service of the USDA maintains a list of products that could possibly result in health issues for consumers. This list currently includes certain poultry products that could be contaminated by listeria, veal that could contain E.coli, and food items that could have been brought into the country without the benefit of import inspection.

Those who believe that they may have purchased a food item that could be the subject of a recall or safety notice should contact the store where the item was purchased for a possible refund. The consumer should not eat any questionable food or serve it to others until determining that the item is safe.

Other Recalls that Could Affect Consumers

IKEA has recalled several models of chests and dressers due to a tip-over hazard. According to the recall notice, these furniture items can become unstable if they are not properly anchored to the wall. Children can become entrapped as a result, leading to serious injuries or even death. Recall # 18-040 states that as many as eight child fatalities have been reported concerning the recalled products.

Certain wholesale fireworks have also been recalled due to an alleged violation of federal standards. While all fireworks should be approached with caution, these particular products can result in a greater than expected explosion, posing burn hazards to consumers. Even just standing around charging your phone can possibly result in injuries; Goal Zero has recalled about 118 solar powered charging stations because there is a chance that the weld connecting the top and bottom posts can fail. If this happens, the top of the post can fall, possibly striking those nearby. Consumers are directed to immediately stop using the recalled stations until a free inspection and repair (if needed) can take place.

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