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Negligent Hiring

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At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III, we know that our clients count on us to protect and advance their legal interests during what is often a trying and stressful time: the aftermath of a devastating motor vehicle collision. Our truck accident lawyers can help victims on Cape Cod try to get back on their feet after a crash by working aggressively to ensure that they seek the full range of legal remedies to which they may be entitled. We understand how difficult it can be to physically and mentally recuperate from an accident, especially if it is caused by no fault of your own.

Holding a Trucking Company Accountable for Negligent Hiring

When a big rig accident happens, the first thing that many people do in determining the blame is to look at the drivers involved in the crash. While it is true that one or more motorists in a multiple-vehicle collision may be at fault, the law also gives people hurt in a crash the right to hold accountable other people and entities that may bear some of the responsibility. In truck accident cases, this often includes the commercial driver’s employer.

Trucking companies and other businesses may be indirectly liable for a collision involving an employee who is on the clock and acting within the scope of his or her job at the time of a crash caused by his or her carelessness. Moreover, they may be directly liable if their own negligence contributed to the victim’s harm.

In order to establish liability, a person hurt in a truck accident generally needs to show that the driver or the trucking company (or both) acted negligently. One theory that tries to attach direct liability to the trucking company is negligent hiring. In this claim, the injured person asserts that the trucking company failed to properly review and consider the driver’s qualifications before giving him the keys to its big rigs. For example, a driver who has a history of traffic violations and accidents, who has been known to use drugs and alcohol behind the wheel, or who simply does not have the skill and experience to be driving a truck should not be on the road. If a trucking company ignores or fails to uncover this information before hiring the driver, it may very well be responsible for any accidents that he or she causes. The same goes for a company that continues to employ a driver who engages in negligent behavior on the job.

Damages for victims of motor vehicle collisions often include compensation for medical bills, property damage, missed wages due to time away from work, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In the event that the injured individual also acted carelessly, a lesser amount of damages still may be available under the Massachusetts rule of modified comparative negligence.

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