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Driver fatigue is among the most common reasons for truck accidents in Massachusetts and across the country. Although federal regulations limit the number of hours that a trucker can log behind the wheel in any given day or week, trucking companies often push their drivers to the farthest extent of – and even beyond - these limits. Driver training is also another factor in many crashes, especially when combined with exhaustion and fatigue. Truckers have to pass a test in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license, but state law does not require them to undergo training or have a certain amount of experience operating these large vehicles before they hit the road.

Assert Your Right to Compensation from a Negligent Driver or Company

A truck driver who causes an accident because of his or her lack of training, fatigue, or dangerous behavior behind the wheel is likely to be legally liable for any injuries that result from the crash. The trucker’s employer may very well also be held responsible under a legal theory called “vicarious liability.” As long as the driver is acting within the scope of his or her employment at the time of the crash – going from one location to another as instructed as part of the driver’s job, for example – the trucking company may be vicariously liable.

Things get a little more complicated when an accident occurs while the trucker is acting outside his or her authority. A driver who veers off his stated path while making deliveries in order to run errands or attend to other personal matters may be acting outside the scope of the job. Since the driver is not furthering the trucking company’s interests during this errand, the employer may not be liable for an accident that occurs during that time. It is important to consider these and other legal issues with an experienced attorney.

The damages awarded in trucking cases often include money for medical bills, property damages, missed wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In order to obtain this kind of relief, the person suing has to clearly show that the truck driver caused the crash because of unsafe behavior, fatigue, insufficient training, or a combination of these factors, and that the person suffered injuries as a direct result of the collision. That generally means compiling various forms of evidence, including witness testimony, police reports, and medical records, depicting both how the accident happened and the consequences that followed it.

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