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Construction & Worksite Accidents

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While workers' compensation may cover the medical bills and lost wages of your worksite or construction accident, if your injuries were caused by defective equipment, subcontractor, general contractor or employer negligence, you may be able to file a claim against a third party. To learn more about your legal rights and options to compensation, tell a personal injury lawyer about your accident and your injuries.

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When clients come to The Law Offices of John C. Manoog III for help with workers' compensation claims, we listen carefully to all the details of the worksite or construction accident. In some instances, you may have a claim in addition to your workers' compensation claim. Quite often, a third party may be liable for your injuries. This may allow you to collect you with additional compensation monies for the injuries you have suffered above what you can collect for workers' comp.

We handle worksite and construction accident claims arising from the following situations:

  • Were you driving for your job and were injured in an automobile accident? You may have a third-party auto accident claim.
  • Did you slip-and-fall because a general contractor, subcontractor or your employer did not control a site or workplace and make sure it was safe? We routinely help people pursue claims involving failing to install and maintain safety rails, proper lighting, de-icing surfaces or other maintenance defects that lead to injury.
  • Did a subcontractor improperly set up a scaffold or ladder resulting in a collapse and injuries? Our Plymouth construction accident attorneys can help you pursue compensation for injuries resulting from scaffolding accidents.
  • If an excavation on a construction site caved in and caused you injury, a subcontractor may be responsible.
  • If holes were not properly marked or covered and caused you injury, we can help you make a claim against the responsible party.
  • If a defective forklift in a warehouse caused your injuries, you may have a product liability claim against the forklift manufacturer. If someone used a forklift without proper training and caused an accident, you may have a suit for negligence against the operator as well as the people who employed him or her.
  • If a worker is injured by a dog bite or dangerous premises, the home or business owner may be liable for the resulting damages.
  • You may have an attractive nuisance claim if your child is injured due to a hazardous condition such as a swimming pool or pile of materials that is not adequately gated or protected against.
  • Did equipment malfunction cause you injury in the workplace? Were you in an office setting or in a manufacturing plant? Talk to us about your accident.

We want to know how this injury has affected your life, your family and your ability to work so we can prepare the most comprehensive case when negotiating on your behalf with all involved parties as well as for trial, if necessary. We represent union and non-union employees for all types of construction and worksite accidents and we understand the complexities involved with these types of negotiations.

Whether you are a subcontractor who needs to sue another subcontractor because of falling objects, ladder accidents, or failure to use tools properly, or you need to sue a general contractor for failing to maintain proper oversight, we can help you prove negligence and your right to compensation. We also help employees who have been hurt on the job in all other work environments from retail to office settings.

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