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Tire Defects

Attorneys Representing Injured People on Cape Cod

While many car accidents are caused by reckless driving, in some instances, crashes cannot be avoided regardless of how carefully drivers operate their vehicles. For example, tire defects lead to multiple collisions throughout Cape Cod each year, and typically the consequences of such accidents are grave. In many instances, the entities responsible for manufacturing and selling a defective tire may be held liable for any harm that ensues, and it is wise for anyone injured in an accident caused by a faulty tire to speak to an attorney. If you or a loved one were hurt when a vehicle’s tire failed, the Cape Cod products liability lawyers of The Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, can assist you in pursuing the full amount of damages you may be able to recover under the law. We collectively have more than one hundred and fifty years of experience helping parties injured by defective products seek redress for their losses, and we have successfully recovered numerous multi-million dollar damages awards for the parties we represent.

Common Tire Defects that Cause Accidents

While any flaw in a tire may lead to a collision, some defects more commonly cause accidents than others. For example, the separation of tread belts, which happens when the tread of a tire splits apart from the tire body or casing, is a defect that frequently leads to crashes. Many truck and SUV accidents are caused by this defect. Additionally, in some instances, the steel belt of a tire may break or detach from the tire casing. Defective tires can frequently lead to blowouts, which cause drivers to suffer a sudden inability to stop or steer their vehicle. Thus, defective tires often cause rollover accidents or crashes that occur at a high rate of speed which can result in traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, fractures, organ damage, and death.

Elements of a Lawsuit Arising Out of a Tire Defect Accident

In most instances, tire defects are caused by an error that occurs during the manufacturing process. In other words, even though a company designed a tire that is safe for consumer use, a flaw in the manner in which the tires were developed made them defective. In some instances, though, a tire will be defective due to a design that fails to provide elements that are sufficient to prevent separation or is otherwise unsafe. As such, people injured by defective tires usually seek compensation for their losses via a product liability lawsuit against the companies that manufactured and sold the tires.

Usually, a plaintiff in product liability will allege that the defendant should be deemed strictly liable for any harm caused by its product. Thus, the plaintiff must show that the defendant was responsible for manufacturing the tire or selling it to the plaintiff, the tire suffered from a defect that rendered it unsafe to an unreasonable degree, and the plaintiff suffered injuries because of the defect. The plaintiff must also prove he or she did not alter the tire from its original condition, and that the tire was being used in the manner for which it was intended at the time of the accident.

A plaintiff may be able to set forth claims other than strict liability as well, such as negligence, breach of warranty, and violation of state consumer protection laws. Regardless of the claims asserted, the plaintiff will likely need to engage an expert to opine on the manner in which the tire was defective, and how the defect led to the accident.

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When a tire fails while a vehicle is being driven, it can cause the driver to suddenly lose control, which typically leads to a catastrophic crash. If you were injured in an accident that was caused by a tire defect, you may be owed damages and should speak to an attorney. The dedicated lawyers of The Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, can advise you of your rights and gather the evidence and facts needed to persuade a judge or jury that the parties responsible for making and selling the tire should be held liable for your harm. Our skillful representation has enabled us to maintain a favorable record, which includes many settlements and verdicts that exceed one million dollars. We assist people in product liability lawsuits on Cape Cod, and we are available to meet for consultations in Plymouth and Hyannis. You can contact us through our form online or at 888-262-6664 to set up a meeting. Nós Falamos Português.

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