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Slip and Fall Accidents in Short-Term Rental Properties

Cape Cod Attorneys Assisting Victims in Premises Liability Cases

Cape Cod is a resort area, and many people spend their vacations in homes in Cape Cod that they rent on a short-term basis during the summer. Vacation homes are often subject to more wear and tear than other properties, and if they are not appropriately maintained, dangerous conditions may develop, which can lead to slip and fall accidents. If you were injured in a fall at a rental property, you may be able to pursue damages for your harm. The Cape Cod slip and fall lawyers of the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, jointly have over fifteen decades of experience representing people injured in premises liability accidents in personal injury cases, and we will fight diligently to assist you in seeking the full amount of compensation recoverable under the law. Our zealous representation has resulted in several multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Proving Liability for Harm Caused by a Slip and Fall Accident in a Short-Term Rental

Slip and fall accidents are most commonly caused by liquid or debris on the ground, or snow or ice on a sidewalk. Generally speaking, a person injured in a slip and fall accident must show that he or she fell due to a dangerous condition that presented an unreasonable risk of harm. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a short-term rental property, whether you can hold another party liable for your harm will depend on the precise facts of your case, but you may be able to pursue claims against the landlord of the property for your harm.

Landlords have a duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable risks of harm to others. To determine what would constitute a reasonable action to prevent harm, factors such as the cost and feasibility of any repairs, the likelihood a dangerous condition would cause an injury, and the probability that any injuries sustained would be serious must be evaluated. As such, if a landlord knew or had reason to know of a dangerous condition on a rental property, but breached the duty to maintain the property, he or she may be held liable for any harm arising out of a dangerous condition caused by his or her negligent maintenance.

In many slip and fall cases, the defendant will argue that the injured party was at fault for the accident and should, therefore, be barred from recovering damages. Even if an injured party is partially at fault for an accident, however, he or she can still be awarded compensation, as long as his or her fault does not exceed fifty percent. A seasoned injury lawyer can help you strategize regarding how to contest arguments that your own negligence contributed to your harm.

Compensation Awarded for Injuries Sustained in a Slip and Fall Accident

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a short-term rental property, you may be able to recover damages to compensate you for your harm. For example, you may be owed the cost of any medical treatment you underwent for your injuries, including hospitalizations, surgery, assistive devices, and prescriptions. If you were unable to work because of your injuries, either temporarily or permanently, you may also be able to recover lost earnings. In addition to compensation for your economic harm, you may be awarded damages for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the accident. If you were married when you fell, your spouse may also be able to recover loss of consortium damages as well.

Speak with a Skillful Cape Cod Lawyer Following a Slip and Fall Accident

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident in a short-term rental property in Cape Cod, you can speak with a skillful attorney regarding what recourse you can seek for your harm. The zealous attorneys of the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, are adept at handling personal injury matters, and we will fight diligently on your behalf to help you seek a successful result. Our assertive advocacy has enabled us to attain a history of favorable verdicts, including many that are over one million dollars. We regularly represent injured people in Cape Cod, and we are able to meet for conferences in Hyannis and Plymouth. We can be contacted via our online form or at 888-262-6664 to schedule a meeting. Nós Falamos Português.

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