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The slip and fall lawyers at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III represent people on Cape Cod and beyond who have been hurt in a wide range of accidents, including those that happen on public property, at private residences, and in retail and other stores. We work from day one to earn the trust and respect of our clients by taking the time to understand their particular situations and fighting tirelessly to protect their legal rights and advance their interests. The proof is in our strong track record of success in personal injury cases and the solid reputation for comprehensive legal services that we have established in our community.

Holding Retail Stores Accountable for Negligence

Slip and falls are a common type of accident that can be caused by a variety of factors, including a wet store aisle, an icy sidewalk or a damaged walkway. Although they happen regularly, slip and falls can cause broken bones, neck and back damage, head injuries, and even death. While people are generally expected to exercise reasonable care and be aware of their surroundings, a property owner that does not take the necessary safety precautions to keep its premises free of hazards is likely to be legally liable for any accidents that result. The remedies available in these cases usually involve money damages for medical costs related to the accident, as well as missed wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Massachusetts law requires a property owner to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition. That means keeping a retail store’s aisles accessible, dry, and free of clutter. It also means ensuring stairs are swept and that guardrails are in proper, working condition. A shopper who slips and falls on a surface made slick from a spill or ceiling leak, for example, generally will have the right to seek damages from the property’s owner.

The law also obligates a retail store owner to address any hazardous conditions that arise over time, including situations that the store owner knows about and those that the store owner should know about with reasonable inspection. Consider, for instance, a situation in which a shopper knocks a bottle of water off a shelf and it spills across the aisle below. The store owner is generally expected to take timely action to clean up the spill, even if the person who caused the spill did not alert the owner or its employees. That is because store owners are expected to monitor the property for these types of hazards. The owner is also required to make others aware of the spill while it is being cleaned up.

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