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A recent fatal accident in western Massachusetts underscores some of the potential differences between criminal proceedings and claims for personal injury or wrongful death in our state. A fatal accident on our roadways often results in both criminal and wrongful death claims. In the aftermath of a collision that results in one or more deaths, […]

A settlement of a lawsuit against Massachusetts law enforcement authorities that arose out of a fatal accident was announced recently. The wrongful death claim was based on an incident occurring at a police checkpoint in North Andover in late Nov. 2009. As a result of the claim, the deceased victim’s family will receive $1.6 million. […]

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc throughout Massachusetts recently. The State Police are investigating whether the foul weather may have been one of the factors in a fatal accident which occurred on Route 128 in Peabody shortly before 6:30 p.m. on a Monday evening at the end of October. The crash happened in the southbound lanes when […]

In the immediate aftermath of a fatal car accident, it is often difficult to understand exactly what occurred. The first concern is for the rescue and care of any victims. When necessary, transporting victims to a hospital or medical facility is the top priority. While law enforcement personnel may also be at work trying to […]

A wrongful death lawsuit is not limited to a fatal motor vehicle accident. Massachusetts law provides that any fatality which results from the negligent or intentional conduct of another party can properly be the subject of a wrongful death claim. In order to prevail, the victim’s surviving family must prove that negligence occurred in a […]

Yet another wrong way crash has resulted in the loss of at least two lives and injuries to others. The fatal accident occurred recently in the westbound lanes of the Massachusetts Turnpike near Ludlow. Both drivers were killed, and authorities have indicated that others were injured. A Massachusetts State Police spokesman disclosed that an 84-year-old […]

A three-vehicle accident has claimed the life of a 34-year-old woman in western Massachusetts. She was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle driven by a 41-year-old man. He apparently did not suffer a serious injury in the fatal accident, and two minors in the rear seat were said to have escaped injury. The fatal accident […]

No one can dispute the fact that police officers put themselves in danger every day. But sometimes the danger comes from unexpected places. A Westfield, Massachusetts, officer was killed when a dump truck hit him while he was directing traffic at a construction site. No charges have been filed but OSHA is investigating the fatal […]

At the tail end of July 2010, a 46-year-old Massachusetts man was working for a Franklin electric company in the basement of a Norfolk condominium at about 12:30 p.m. In addition to his job working as an electrician, he was also a lead guitar player for an area band called Fatty Mac. Little did he […]

A little less than two years ago, a father and his young son were enjoying a day in a kayak, fishing on a Massachusetts lake in the city of Huntington. During their outing, an allegedly reckless speedboat driver crashed into their kayak, killing the boy and leaving only tragic memories for the father. The boy […]

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