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Recent Settlements

$2,200,000.00Bridge Collapsewrongful death
$1,560,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentwrongful death
$1,250,000.00Motorcycle Accidenthead injury
$1,175,000.00Motorcycle Accidentdeath of 43 year old man
$1,000,000.00Motor vehicle accidentdeath
$1,000,000.00Motor vehicle accidentfacial injuries
$915,000.00Construction Site Accident back injury
$900,000.00Medical Malpracticefailure to diagnose cancer
$775,000.00Motorcycle Accidenthead injuries
$760,000.00Car Accidentdeath
$675,000.00Medical Malpracticefailure to diagnose Meningitis
$600,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
- 14 year old killed
policy limit
$600,000.00Construction Site Accidentspinal fracture
$600,000.00Product Liabilityhand injury
$541,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentback injury
$500,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentdeath of 16 year old boy
$480,000.00Car Accident neck surgery
$480,000.00Boating Accidentfacial injuries
$465,000.00Car Accidentpermanent shoulder injury
$450,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentankle injury
$450,000.00Dog Bitefacial injury
$390,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident back injury
$368,000.00Moped Accidentmultiple fractures
$360,000.00Dog Biteleg injury
$350,000.00Dog Bitefacial injury
$326,000.00Slip and Fallankle injury
$300,000.00Slip and Fallwrist injury
$287,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck and back injury
$280,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentlower back injury
$275,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentknee injury
$250,000.00Defective productback injury
$250,000.00Slip and Fallhip injury
$250,000.00Slip and Fall-Hotelhip injury
$250,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidenthead injury
$250,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck injury
$240,000.00Slip and Fallleg Injury
$240,000.00Slip and Fallleg injury
$240,000.00Slip and fallankle fracture
$240,000.00Premises Liabilityshoulder injury
$235,000.00Premises Liabilityshoulder injury
$225,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$225,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder and knee injury
$225,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentpolice chase
$200,000.00Car Accidentneck injury
$200,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidenthead injury
$190,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck injury
$190,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentcervical disc injury
$187,500.00Premises Liabilityback injury
$185,000.00injury at salonnail infection
$175,000.00car accidentshoulder injury
$150,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$150,000.00Construction Site Accidentshoulder injury
$145,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck injury
$135,000.00Premises Liabilityneck injury
$130,000.00Worker's Compensationback injury
$130,000.00Dog Bitewrist injury
$130,000.00Defective Productknee injury
$125,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidenthead injury
$125,000.00Slip & Fall at Convenience Storeshoulder injury
$125,000.00Worker's Compensation back injury
$125,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentheart attack
$125,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$120,000.00Motorcycle Accidentfoot injury
$120,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentleg injury
$117,500.00Slip & Fall on Boatknee injury
$107,000.00Premises Liability / Snow
& Ice
ankle injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentback injury
$100,000.00Worker's Compensationloss of thumb
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentback injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentback injury
$100,000.00Worker's Compensationheart attack
$100,000.00Worker's Compensationback injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentwrist injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentfoot injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentknee injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck and knee injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$100,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentankle injury
$100,000.00Bicycle Accidentknee injury
$98,000.00Slip & Fall on Stepsleg injury
$95,000.00Premises Liabilityankle injury
$91,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentankle injury
$90,000.00Slip and Fall-Stairsknee injury
$90,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$86,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentfinger fracture
$85,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$85,000.00Worker's Compensationback injury
$80,000.00Slip & Fall on Waterleg injury
$80,000.00Motor Vehicle AccidentFibromyalgia
$76,000.00Slip & Fall in Storeankle injury
$75,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidenthand injury
$75,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentshoulder injury
$75,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentknee injury
$75,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentneck injury
$72,500.00Motorcycle Accidentback injury
$63,000.00Slip & Fall in Holeankle injury
$60,000.00Slip & Fall in Supermarketshoulder injury
$58,000.00Slip & Fall in Restaurantback injury
$50,000.00Slip and Fall-Stairsshoulder injury
$50,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentchest injury
$50,000.00Motor Vehicle Accidentback injury
$50,000.00Slip & Fall in Parking Lotknee injury
$45,000.00Slip & Fall on Iceknee injury
$44,000.00Pharmaceutical Negligencepatient became ill after taking wrong prescription medication
$25,000.00Slip & Fall on Boatback injury
Client Reviews
"The best attorney by far. Doesn't keep you waiting, very understanding, and very approachable. The staff always greets you with a warm smile. John C. Manoog never left me out of the loop, he kept me informed at all times, and got me every dollar I deserved. I'm very pleased with the services of The Law Offices Of John C. Manoog. Happy Thanksgiving guys, and thank you for everything." Joseph A.
"I just have to thank the lawyer Jhon Manoog and his team for their competence and professionalism. My case was solved successfully and quickly, I recommend the Law Offices of John Manoog to everyone who needs an efficient lawyer." Fernando C.
"John Manoog and his associates are knowledgeable, fair and caring. You can be sure they will fight for you and get you what you deserve. I would highly recommend them as counsel. Their combined experience is unmatched on Cape Cod." Jessica C.
"I have a long-standing working relationship with John Manoog and his firm and they are without a doubt incredibly professional. Their attorneys and staff keep to an exceptionally high standard which is why they consistently achieve amazing results for their clients. I would recommend them to any prospective client without hesitation." Charles D.
"I have used John Manoog and his firm several times with my company. Having used several other Law firms prior to Law offices of John Manoog I can say definitively that they are the best we have have had experience with. The level of professionalism, follow up, and skill levels are unmatched. And we have been particularly impressed with the outcomes." Brian M.