Is Nothing Safe? Ford Recalls Limos, Police Vehicles, Ambulances, and Even Hearses in Massachusetts, Nationwide

Because we handle many product liability cases, we understand that there are a lot more dangerous products on the market than there should be. Still, it would seem that things like ambulances, police vehicles, and hearses should be counted on to be defect-free. Sadly, this is not always the case.

In the past year or so, we have told you about vehicle recalls ranging from motorcycles to family cars to trucks and SUVs. This week, Ford Motor Company issued some of the strangest recall lists to date: hearses, ambulances, police interceptors, and limos. Although Ford claims that there are no specific accidents yet attributed to the issues necessitating the recalls, injuries are certainly possible given the nature of the defects.

Explorer and Police Interceptors

The first recall pertains to certain 2011-2013 police utility vehicles. Apparently, the interior door handles on these vehicles have a spring that can unseat, potentially making a door come open in a wreck. Over 210,000 vehicles are included in this recall. About 90% of the impacted vehicles are currently located in the United States, with the remaining 10% located in Canada and Mexico. Owners are asked to take their vehicles to a dealer, who can inspect the handle assembles and make repairs if necessary.

Limos and Hearses

The second safety recall issued by Ford is for specific 2013-2015 model limos and hearses. The issue in the limos and hearses is a vacuum pump relay that could cause a fire under the hood. Over 1,700 vehicles are included in this recall. Although Ford has been informed of two fires, it maintains that no accidents or injuries have occurred as a result of the condition. Most of the affected limos and hearses are in the United States, with the remainder being in Canada. Customers may take their vehicle to a dealer for a free replacement of the affected parts.

Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles

The third recall notice issued by Ford pertains to certain 2011-2013 ambulance and emergency vehicles. According to the recall notice, there is a problem with the exhaust gas temperature sensor, which can cause the vehicles to incorrectly identify a high temperature condition. Approximately 6,500 are affected. Ford says it is not aware of any accidents resulting from the faulty sensors but that it has chosen to issue the recall “because of the unique nature of ambulance and emergency vehicles.” About 150 of the vehicles are located in Canada and Mexico, with the others in the United States. If owners take their affected vehicles to a dealer, the dealers can update the software on affected vehicles.

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