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Rabies from Dog Bites

Attorneys Assisting Cape Cod Residents Injured in Animal Attacks

Dog bites are traumatic and can result in serious physical and psychological harm. In addition to the wounds, bruising, and other physical injuries caused by dog bites, if a dog is not properly vaccinated it can result in rabies or the threat of rabies. If you were attacked by an unvaccinated dog, an experienced Cape Cod dog bite lawyer can assess your options for seeking damages from the dog’s owner. The attorneys of the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, have more than 150 years of collective experience representing area residents in their pursuit of compensation for dog bites and other injuries. We have the skills and experience needed to help you navigate the legal system, and will aggressively advocate on your behalf. Our proficiency in bringing personal injury claims in Massachusetts has resulted in a number of multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Causes and Symptoms of Rabies

Rabies is caused by a virus and is transmitted through blood and saliva. Rabies is typically transmitted to humans through a dog bite. There is an initial incubation period for rabies that can last up to several months. The initial symptoms of rabies include weakness, fever and headache. If left untreated, rabies will progress and will cause cognitive dysfunction, confusion, aggressive behavior and ultimately death. Rabies from dog bites and other causes in humans can be treated, but the treatment is typically only effective if it is administered before symptoms begin. The treatment indicated for suspected rabies in humans is a series of injections that includes a rabies vaccine and human rabies immunoglobulin.

Massachusetts Dog Vaccination Statute

Under Massachusetts law, anyone that owns or keeps a dog that is 6 months old or older is required to vaccinate the dog against rabies. The dog will be considered vaccinated 28 days after the initial vaccination and for one year following the vaccination. After that, dogs must receive booster vaccinations at the intervals indicated by the label on the vaccine.

Liability of the Dog’s Owner

Massachusetts has a “dog bite” statute that provides that the owner of a dog is responsible for an injury caused by the dog. Under the dog bite statute, the owner is strictly liable, which means that the owner will be held liable whether or not the owner was negligent or knew the dog was likely to cause harm. Strict liability will not apply in cases where the injured party was trespassing, provoking the dog, or undertaking other tortious conduct at the time of the attack.

Damages Recoverable for Rabies from Dog Bites

If you were bitten by a dog that was not vaccinated against rabies, you may be able to recover damages from the dog’s owner. Damages recoverable include the cost of any medical treatment, including any medication. Additionally, you can seek compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the bite and the subsequent treatment you had to undergo. If you wish to seek compensation from the owner of a dog who bit you it is important to act in a timely manner, as under Massachusetts law, you must file a personal injury lawsuit within three years of the date of the injury. As such, you should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to avoid waiving your right to recover.

Consult a Dog Bite Lawyer in Cape Cod to Discuss your Options

While being bitten by a dog can be a shocking experience, learning that you may be at risk for rabies from the dog bite can result increased fear and substantial medical costs. If you were bitten by a dog in Cape Cod, a knowledgeable injury attorney can evaluate the facts of your case. At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, we have a history of obtaining favorable verdicts in dog bite and other injury cases. We are adept at pursuing cases in the Massachusetts courts, and will work diligently to help you develop your claim for damages following your injury. Our skilled representation has allowed us to maintain a history of successful verdicts, with several verdicts over a million dollars. We represent parties in Cape Cod and offer consultations in Hyannis and Plymouth as well. We can be contacted at 888.262.6664 or via our online form to set up a meeting. Nós Falamos Português.

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