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Pulmonologist Malpractice

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People suffering from lung issues often require specialized care. Pulmonologists can provide people struggling with breathing difficulties and other lung-related problems with significant relief. If they do not perform their duties properly, though, their carelessness can lead to pulmonologist malpractice. If you received incompetent care from a pulmonologist and suffered harm as a result, you might be owed compensation and should speak to a lawyer. The Cape Cod medical malpractice attorneys of The Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III can evaluate your losses and inform you of your potential claims and damages. We have over one hundred and fifty years of mutual experience helping people in medical malpractice cases, and we have recouped numerous multi-million dollar damages awards for our clients.

Harm Caused by Pulmonologist Malpractice

Pulmonologists treat acute and chronic lung conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, mesothelioma, and emphysema. When a patient visits a pulmonologist with lung-related symptoms, the doctor will usually obtain the patient’s history and perform a series of tests to get an accurate diagnosis. If a doctor ignores critical information, does not prescribe appropriate tests, or misreads test results, it can result in a delayed or inaccurate diagnosis, which subsequently causes a delay in necessary care. Pulmonologists can also cause significant trauma during the performance of tests. For example, they may puncture the lungs or other body parts when performing a biopsy or scope.

In some instances, even if a doctor correctly diagnoses a patient, the treatment offered may be insufficient to address the patient’s illness, leading to worsening harm. Further, a patient with an appropriate diagnosis and treatment can suffer harm if a doctor does not disclose the risks and potential consequences of a treatment before prescribing it to the patient.

Pursuing Claims for Losses Due to Pulmonologist Malpractice

Patients harmed by incompetent medical care can seek compensation via medical malpractice claims against the doctors that caused their harm. Generally, a plaintiff in a medical malpractice lawsuit must prove liability and damages to obtain a successful outcome.

In most instances, the plaintiff will set forth a medical negligence claim. Under Massachusetts law, proving negligence in the context of medical care requires a plaintiff to demonstrate that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to provide treatment that met the standard of care. The standard of care that applies is the care that a reasonable doctor working in the same specialty as the defendant would provide a patient with in a similar situation. The plaintiff then must prove that the defendant departed from the standard. Last, the plaintiff must show that the breach of the standard caused the plaintiff to suffer harm. Usually, testimony from an expert witness is required to explain the standard that applies and to link the defendant’s acts to the losses sustained.

A plaintiff that establishes liability must then prove damages. In other words, the plaintiff must produce evidence of actual losses caused by the defendant’s negligent acts. This may include proof of economic harm caused by the defendant, such as the cost of required medical care and wages lost due to the inability to work. Damages may also involve non-economic harm, like suffering, pain, and mental distress the plaintiff endured.

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Lung diseases often impact every aspect of a person’s life, and when doctors who are trusted with improving breathing issues cause their patients to suffer harm, they should be held accountable. If you sustained damages due to the negligence of a pulmonologist, it is advisable to meet with an attorney to assess your rights. The lawyers at The Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, are adept at gathering the evidence and information needed to obtain favorable outcomes. If you hire us, we will tirelessly advocate on your behalf. Our dedicated representation has allowed us to maintain a history of successful results, which includes many verdicts and settlements that exceed one million dollars. We frequently help people harmed by medical malpractice on Cape Cod, and we can meet for consultations in Plymouth and Hyannis. You can reach us through our form online or at 888.262.6664 to set up a meeting. Nós Falamos Português.

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