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The Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III consists of Cape Cod pharmacy error lawyers who represent patients and other consumers who have been harmed by the negligence of health care providers. Mistakes by pharmacists may have serious consequences, such as when a patient follows their instructions and accidentally overdoses on a prescription medication. We understand the stress and pain that often come during these challenging times, and we work tirelessly to make sure that a pharmacist, a pharmacy, or any other responsible party is held liable for an overdose or another injury resulting from their conduct. Our attorneys bring over 146 years of combined experience to our advocacy for victims.

Proving Liability for an Accidental Overdose

We entrust doctors and pharmacists with the substantial responsibility of giving us the medication that we need to heal injuries and illnesses or treat our symptoms. When medical or pharmaceutical professionals make mistakes or abuse patients’ trust by failing to provide adequate instructions and warnings, they may cause lasting harm and even death. Overdoses, for instance, often occur because people have been prescribed the wrong dose, have been given the wrong drug, or have not been properly informed about how to take their medication.

A person who overdoses or is otherwise injured as a result of a pharmacy error has a right to seek damages for their harm and expenses. The compensation available in these cases includes reimbursement for missed wages due to time away from a job during an illness and recovery period. It also covers any reduction in a victim’s ability to earn an income in the future. Many cases result in additional compensation for pain and suffering, among other damages.

Pharmacy negligence is treated as a type of medical malpractice under Massachusetts law. This means that a person who accidentally overdoses or is otherwise injured as a result of a pharmacist’s mistake needs to show that the defendant breached a “duty of care.” Doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals are held to a relatively high standard of care based on their specialized expertise. This standard may require expert testimony to prove, and it is usually specific to the patient’s circumstances.

An injured patient must show that the pharmacy or pharmacist being sued failed to meet the duty of care. They must gather and present evidence to prove that they would not have been hurt if the defendant had used the proper care. Thus, it is vital that a person considering suing for pharmacy negligence seek the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney.

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