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Losing a loved one is hard enough without also having to fight with your insurer about a denied life insurance claim. Insurers will often try to assert that the requirements of the policy have not been met or that there has been a misrepresentation on the policy and the death is not covered.

If this has happened to you, consulting with an experienced attorney at The Law Office of John C. Manoog, who knows the technical aspects of insurance and how to aggressively negotiate with insurance companies, should be a priority. Our knowledge and reputation sets us apart.

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We have the resources to do the job right.
  • We can assist you when know how to uncover when an insurance company denied benefits because they claim you were not forthcoming on all forms.
  • We have the research and investigative techniques to unveil how insurance companies manipulate policy language to deny claims
  • We know how to file claims appeals when an insurance agency alleges you made misrepresentations about a health condition, but you had no knowledge of the health issue and this was not the cause of death.
  • We can assist in trying to prove know how to prove bad faith when a loved one dies in a fatal accident and the insurance company claims it was the result of an unrelated health condition.
  • Likewise, in double indemnity claims, where if a loved one died as result of an accident the pay-out doubles, if the life insurance claim is denied because of a health condition unrelated to the accident, we can help file a claims appeal and fight to have the claim paid in full.

Our Hyannis life insurance claim attorneys can help prove when your loved one was not at fault in a wrongful death case and therefore, you should not be subject to a denied life insurance claim.

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