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Prescription drugs are often a key part of the pain management and healing process for people who have been hurt in an accident or are dealing with an ongoing illness or condition. Sometimes, however, they do more harm than good. For example, medication unfortunately may come with faulty dosage instructions or other inaccurate information about how it should be used. In other instances, a pharmacist may provide the wrong medication altogether while labeling it as the appropriate medication for the patient. Providing incorrect instructions or labels often leads to complications that may cause serious injuries and even death.

Bringing a Personal Injury Claim Based on Incorrect Instructions or Labels

A person injured because a pharmacy provided incorrect information regarding the use of a drug or the contents of a bottle has a right to seek compensation from the parties that were responsible. State and federal laws hold pharmacists and prescription drug professionals to a high standard of care, based on their specialized training and experience in the industry, as well as a patient’s lack of knowledge in this area. When a pharmacy provides drugs with inadequate instructions, or if it provides the wrong medication while labeling it as the correct medication, it is likely to be held responsible for any injuries that result.

To prove negligence in these cases, the victim usually needs to show that the person or entity being sued (the defendant) breached the applicable duty of care by providing inadequate, incomplete, or inaccurate information. The victim also must try to prove that the faulty instructions or label directly caused them to be hurt or exacerbated their pre-existing illness or injury. This process often requires detailed medical evidence and expert testimony describing the faulty instructions and showing precisely how they contributed to the victim’s harm.

The compensation available in these cases typically includes damages for related medical costs and missed wages due to time away from a job. It may also provide money for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other forms of harm that may be more subjective.

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