Improper Combinations of Drugs

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The attorneys at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III represent people injured in a wide variety of situations related to prescription medication, such as those involving improper combinations of drugs. We combine more than 150 years of legal experience to help clients pursue the full compensation that they deserve, and we are committed to ensuring that health care providers are held accountable when their actions cause harm. Our Cape Cod pharmacy negligence attorneys take satisfaction from fighting for clients in their times of need and are ready to stand by them at every step of the legal process.

Contraindication is a medical term used to describe a reason why doctors, pharmacists, and other health care professionals should avoid certain medical treatment. In prescription medicine, it often comes into play when a person is taking more than one prescription drug, has been prescribed multiple drugs at the same time, or has existing medical conditions that create risks associated with certain medications. In some cases, the circumstances may warrant a decision to undertake a certain course of action despite a contraindication. In others, the contraindication is absolute, and there is no reasonable basis for going through with the course of action.

Suing for Your Injuries

A person who is injured as a result of an improper combination of drugs – including in the face of contraindications - has a right to seek legal remedies from those responsible. The money damages typically available in pharmacy negligence cases include compensation for medical bills, missed wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In some cases, the injured person’s family may also get “loss of consortium” damages to compensate them for the loss of the injured person’s love, support, and guidance. Family members may additionally sue for wrongful death in tragic situations in which a person dies as a result of an improper combination of drugs or another form of pharmacy negligence.

Pharmacists and prescription drug professionals are required under federal and state laws to live up to a “duty of care” based on their training and experience. People who fail to live up to this duty are likely to be found negligent and responsible for any injuries that occur as a direct result. In many cases, the medical professional’s employer may also be liable if the person was acting within the scope of their employment at the time.

When a doctor prescribes medication, or a pharmacist fills the prescription despite contraindications or risks of complications, they likely are responsible for preventable harm that the patient suffers. This is true in cases in which the medical professional knew or should have known that the drug might interact dangerously with other prescription drugs that the patient is already taking. It is also true when the patient has an existing medical condition that might be made worse as a result of taking certain medication. In either case, medical professionals who disregard contraindications are likely to be liable for the consequences.

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