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Premises Liability Lawyers Counseling Individuals on Cape Cod

At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III, our premises liability attorneys have more than 146 years of combined experience representing Cape Cod residents and other individuals in personal injury cases. We have a strong reputation among our neighbors and in the legal community for providing high-quality services, as well as a track record of success to back it up. We understand the law as it applies in these cases, and we know how to build compelling arguments for the people whom we represent. That gives them the peace of mind to focus on physical recovery after an accident, knowing that we are fighting aggressively to seek the full legal remedies to which they may be entitled.

Holding Negligent Store Owners Accountable for Your Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can happen in a wide variety of situations, such as a wet grocery store aisle, a dark or cluttered stairwell, or an icy parking lot. When they happen on property owned by another person or an entity, the owner may be responsible for any injuries that result. That includes harm caused by falling merchandise, which can wreak havoc by striking customers or cluttering aisles.

Under Massachusetts law, a person hurt in an accident caused by falling merchandise has the right to seek compensation from the property owner or manager through a legal theory called premises liability. The law requires an owner to maintain a store or other property in reasonably safe condition. For example, it must keep aisles clear and walkable and ensure that merchandise is securely stored. The owner is also responsible for warning visitors about any safety hazards that the owner knows about or of which the owner should be aware. That often means setting up signs to warn shoppers of unsafe walkways or blocking those walkways off altogether. It may also mean instructing shoppers to be aware of the possibility of falling merchandise if incidents have previously occurred.

To assert the right to compensation from a negligent property owner, a victim must prove that he or she would not have been hurt if the store or other business had used reasonable care. The damages available in premises liability cases typically include money for medical bills, missed wages due to time away from work, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Although the cases sometimes go to trial, they can also be settled at times to avoid some of the cost and time associated with full-blown litigation.

Enlist a Cape Cod Attorney to Assert Your Right to Compensation

The accident lawyers at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III have a long history of achievements in both settlement negotiations and the courtroom. Among other victories for our clients, we have previously secured six-figure settlements for slip and fall accidents in hotels, convenience stores, boats, and construction sites.

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