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Emergency Room Errors

Cape Cod Attorneys Assisting Medical Malpractice Victims

Serving people in many areas of Massachusetts, the Cape Cod medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III represent patients who have been hurt as a result of negligence by health care providers. We fight tenaciously to protect the rights of victims and their families during these stressful times, allowing them to focus on their physical and mental recovery. Our attorneys have over 146 years of combined legal experience in personal injury cases, and we have a record of getting favorable results for the people who enlist our services.

Holding a Negligent Health Care Provider Liable for an Emergency Room Error

Medical malpractice is a form of negligence that happens when doctors and other health care professionals fail to meet a certain standard of care. Many of these mistakes happen in the setting of an emergency room. A misdiagnosis, a surgical mistake, a medication misstep, or another preventable error can mean life or death for a patient in an emergency room, where time is often of the essence. A patient or the family of a patient who is harmed by medical malpractice has the right to seek damages from those who were responsible for causing the harm. Typically available forms of compensation include past and future medical costs, lost income, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Medical malpractice cases hinge on the question of whether the doctor or other health care professional being sued lived up to the level of care and skill that under the circumstances would be expected of a reasonably prudent health care provider in the same specialty as the defendant, treating a similarly situated patient. Proving that the defendant violated the standard of care usually means enlisting expert witnesses like doctors or academics to describe what should have been expected under the circumstances. It also means providing evidence showing how the defendant violated the appropriate standard and how that caused the patient to be hurt. In many cases, the doctor or health care professional’s employer may also be liable under a theory called respondeat superior.

If you are considering suing for medical malpractice, it is important to be aware of some strict time restrictions in Massachusetts. State law generally gives you three years from the date of a malpractice incident to file suit. Any lawsuit filed after this time period ends is likely to be dismissed. In certain cases, however, a person might not have reasonably been able to tell immediately that he or she was the victim of medical malpractice. The law starts running the three-year clock on the date on which the person should have become aware of the malpractice.

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