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Dangerous Drugs

Products Liability Lawyers Assisting Consumers on Cape Cod

At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, our Cape Cod products liability attorneys have a long track record of success representing people injured by dangerous drugs and other harmful items. We understand how painful and stressful it can be for an injured person and his or her family in the aftermath of an accident, and we work tirelessly to assert the rights of our clients at every stage of the legal process, from initial evidence gathering to settlement negotiations and trial. With over 146 years of combined legal experience, our firm offers comprehensive services to the individuals and families whom we represent.

Legal Protections for People Harmed by Dangerous Drugs

It is an unfortunate truth that people in Massachusetts and across the country are injured by harmful products every day. These include prescription and over-the-counter drugs that may cause more harm then good. The good news is that a person who is injured by using one of these pharmaceuticals often has the right to sue those responsible for the unsafe product, including manufacturers and sellers. Products liability cases involving harmful drugs often raise complicated legal issues, which you should discuss with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Virtually any product sold in Massachusetts comes with what courts call an “implied warranty of merchantability.” In other words, the product seller is considered to have guaranteed to buyers that it is relatively safe and will do what it is advertised to do. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are therefore liable for any injury caused by defects in a product when it is being used in a foreseeable way. These include physical defects in the product that arise during the design or manufacturing process, as well as a failure to adequately warn users about hazards related to the product.

Drug manufacturers have a duty under state and federal laws to warn consumers of any potentially hazardous effects of taking a medication. They also have a duty to warn other people who may buy or consume the drug after the initial sale. The warning must be easily understandable for the general public. It must cover information related to the drug’s intended use, as well as recreational and other foreseeable uses. A drug maker that fails to live up to this responsibility is likely to be considered liable for any injuries that happen as a result. Damages that may be available in these cases often include past and future medical expenses as well as lost income and the pain and suffering that the victim endured.

Consult an Experienced Cape Cod Attorney for Your Products Liability Claim

The attorneys at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III have been fighting for people injured by dangerous drugs and other harmful products since 1994. We understand the complex legal issues that often come up in these matters, and we know how to build the strongest possible cases for the people whom we represent. We have previously secured a number of six- and seven-figure settlements for clients in personal injury cases.

We offer free consultations from our offices in Hyannis and Plymouth. Our Cape Cod products liability lawyers are also happy to travel to your home or hospital if you cannot make it to us. We do not charge a fee in many cases unless we are able to obtain compensation for you through a settlement or judgment. Call us at 888-262-6664 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with an injury attorney. Nós Falamos Português.

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