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Birth Injuries

Experienced Birth Injury Lawyers Helping Victims in Cape Cod

The medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III represent clients injured in a wide range of situations, including those related to complications during birth. Our Cape Cod birth injury attorneys understand the pain and stress that birth injuries can cause, both for the mother and child, as well as for their loved ones. That’s why we work aggressively to get clients the compensation they deserve so that they can focus on their own health and wellbeing. Our attorneys have more than 150 years of combined legal experience. We are pleased to guide clients through the legal process in their times of need.

Legal Remedies in Medical Malpractice Cases

Birth injuries run a wide gamut, from relatively minor bruising and jaundice to infections, brain trauma, paralysis and even death. They can be caused by a number of factors, including medical professionals’ failure to notice warning signs and treat medical conditions in the lead up to the birth and surgical errors during the birth itself. When an injury is caused – or made worse – by a medical professional’s malpractice, an injured mother and the family of an injured baby have the right to make sure those responsible are held fully liable under the law.

The money damages typically available in these cases cover compensation for medical bills, missed wages due to time away from work and pain, suffering and emotional distress. In the event of tragic, fatal cases, the family of a loved one who dies due to birthing injuries can also sue those responsible for wrongful death.

Doctors and other medical staff are held to a high standard of conduct based on their education and training, as well as the responsibility they take on in helping patients. Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or another medical staffer fails to live up to what the courts call a “duty of care.” That duty varies based on the circumstances, but generally requires medical professionals to follow practices and procedures that a reasonable professional in the same field would be expected to practice in treating patients.

Proving malpractice means presenting evidence to clearly show what was expected of health professionals under the circumstances and to establish where the doctors and staffers went wrong in the particular case. This might entail compiling medical data and records, and bringing in other doctors to establish the duty of care. It also involves gathering a clear evidentiary record to show how the malpractice caused the person to be injured.

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