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Yarmouth Car Accidents

Injury Lawyers Advocating for Victims in the Yarmouth Area

Nestled between Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound, Yarmouth is known for its welcoming beaches and New England coastal charm. Route 6 bisects Yarmouth, while Route 6A traverses the Yarmouth Port area, and Route 28 runs along its southern edge. The town is a popular tourist destination, especially during summer, which means that many drivers on its roads may be unfamiliar with the area or distracted by their surroundings. At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, we represent people throughout the Cape Cod region who have been injured in various accidents. Whether it is a relatively ordinary crash on a neighborhood road or a high-speed collision on a highway, our Yarmouth car accident lawyers understand the challenges that people face after being involved in a motor vehicle collision. Our lawyers know the importance of giving clients the peace of mind to focus on their own physical recovery as we advocate for them in negotiations or at trial.

Even what initially seems like an ordinary motor vehicle collision can result in whiplash, nerve damage, broken bones, concussions, and other serious injuries. Crashes happen for a wide range of reasons, from poor road conditions to malfunctioning vehicles, although the most common cause always has been driver error.

Pursuing Compensation From a Negligent Driver or Other Defendants

When a crash does happen, a car accident attorney in the Yarmouth area can help victims assert their right to compensation from the defendants that were responsible. The money damages typically available in Massachusetts car accident cases include money for medical bills, vehicle and other property damage, and any missed wages as a result of time away from work while recuperating. Additional damages may also be available for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. When a person suffers a premature death in a car accident, there may be a wrongful death action for the victim’s family members.

To get the appropriate compensation, you may need to file a lawsuit. Negligence is the most common legal theory in these situations, based on the idea of holding people and entities responsible for failing to live up to what courts call a “duty of care.” Drivers owe others on the road a duty to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. That means complying with traffic laws and avoiding dangerous behavior like texting behind the wheel, speeding excessively, or tailgating.

Establishing Fault for a Car Accident

After proving the negligence of the defendant, your Yarmouth car accident attorney will need to establish that the driver or other person or entity that you are suing caused the crash because of their careless actions. Even if you were partly to blame for the accident, you may still be able to get some compensation. The modified comparative fault system in Massachusetts allows a person who is found to be less than 51 percent at fault for a collision to get a proportionate share of the money damages from the other responsible parties.

Statements and testimony from witnesses who observed the collision can go a long way, as can reports from police officers who arrive on the scene after the collision and often interview those witnesses. In some cases, an accident reconstruction expert can also help establish how the collision happened.

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