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Taunton Car Accidents

Attorneys Representing Motor Vehicle Collision Victims in the Taunton Area

The car crash attorneys at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III help people throughout Cape Cod get back on their feet after suffering serious injuries. Our Taunton car accident lawyers draw on 150 years of legal experience to fight for the full compensation that each client deserves under the law. We understand the pain and stress that may come with being involved in an accident. We also know how judges and juries often look at these cases. Our lawyers know how to guide clients through the legal process with experience and compassion.

Seeking Damages Against a Liable Driver or Another Defendant

If you have been injured in a car accident, you have the right to seek compensation from those responsible for the crash. This is often a driver whose dangerous behavior behind the wheel caused the accident. Liability may also extend to auto and parts manufacturers whose shoddy products malfunctioned. The damages typically available in these cases include compensation for medical bills, property damage, missed wages, and pain and suffering. Getting these damages usually means haggling with insurance companies and may require filing a lawsuit. A seasoned car accident attorney can help Taunton residents aggressively assert their rights.

Most car crash cases involve claims of negligence. State law imposes a duty of care on drivers that requires them to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe way under the circumstances. This means that drivers are expected to refrain from dangerous activities like speeding, failing to obey traffic signs, or getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. A driver who does not live up to this duty is likely to be found negligent and liable for any injuries that happen as a result. The injured person needs to show that the negligence directly caused the crash and tie their injuries directly to the collision.

Auto and parts sellers, meanwhile, are covered by a warranty of merchantability in Massachusetts. This means that a retailer is automatically liable for any injuries caused by a defective product used in a reasonably foreseeable way. To prove liability under the warranty of merchantability, you need to show that there was a specific defect in an auto part that directly contributed to the crash. You then need to detail the injuries caused by the crash. As in negligence cases, this often requires detailed information about how the accident happened. Medical records explaining the full extent of the injuries and how they were caused are also central to a successful case.

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Just 40 miles south of Boston, Taunton is a riverside city known for its New England charm and historic central green. Plymouth Colony members founded Taunton in 1637, making it one of the oldest cities in the country. Taunton Green, the city’s historic center square, began as a training ground for revolutionary militias and is now home to an annual winter lights display that attracts visitors from across the state.

At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, our injury lawyers have been representing people in Taunton and throughout the region since 1994. We understand the details of the law, and we know how to build compelling cases for the people whom we represent. You should not just take our word for it. Feel free to explore our strong track record of success in car accident cases, which include a number of six- and seven-figure settlements. Our Taunton car accident attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized legal services for the people and families whom we represent. If you are not able to meet with us at our offices in Hyannis and Plymouth, we can come visit you at your home or in the hospital. We usually do not charge a fee unless we get a settlement or a jury verdict for a client. Call us at 888-262-6664 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Nós Falamos Português.

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