Massachusetts used car accident could be fault of a car dealer

A Massachusetts car accident can occur in any number of ways. More often than not, a crash between two or more vehicles is due to the negligence of one or more drivers. Sometimes, however, negligence is attributable to the acts or failure to act of a party that was not even at the scene of a car accident. A recent story about used cars underscores the potential dangers for consumers.

CBS Boston recently investigated the sale of used cars that were subject to motor vehicle recalls for defective parts or other mechanical problems. The results were startling. It was discovered that some vehicles were being sold off used car lots without bothering to address recall issues. Some find it particularly infuriating because necessary repairs pursuant to a recall cost dealers nothing. Nevertheless, it was discovered that some used cars were sold without even telling the consumer that the car was subject to a recall.

As many as one third of recalled vehicles don’t get repaired, and some of them are sitting on used car lots. One consumer bought a van that caught on fire in his driveway. He had no idea that a recall targeted the issue. A 2005 Acura was recalled for a braking issue but was still offered for resale on a lot without any notification to the consumer of the issue.

A car accident on Massachusetts roadways under any circumstances is frightening. When the cause of a collision is traced to a problem with a vehicle that was subject to a recall, further investigation is warranted. If evidence suggests that a vehicle subject to a recall was sold to an unsuspecting consumer, liability issues may arise. In the meantime, all consumers may benefit from carefully checking recall announcements prior to purchasing a used car.

Source: CBS Boston, “I-Team: Hidden Dangers In Used Cars Across Mass.,” Karen Anderson, Feb. 7, 2013

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