Massachusetts pedestrian versus car accident seriously injures 2

In the immediate aftermath of a pedestrian accident, it is not always clear exactly what happened. The potential for serious injury or even death is obviously substantial when a larger enclosed vehicle collides with a pedestrian on Massachusetts roadways. Initial reports of a pedestrian versus car accident in Malden in early January provided scant details of the tragedy.

This much is known. A car struck two pedestrians near a gas station on Broadway in Malden. A photo of the accident scene shows a damaged SUV and police tape cordoning off an area of the roadway. The front of the vehicle shows significant damage, and debris is strewn about the road in front of it.

In all, three ambulances were reportedly called to the scene, and both pedestrians were said to have been transported to the hospital. One victim’s injuries were described as serious enough to warrant a trauma alert and admission to Massachusetts General Hospital. Though each pedestrian was reportedly seriously injured, no further details were provided. The car driver was described as unhurt but apparently distraught over the incident. It was not immediately clear if an arrest was made or if criminal charges are contemplated.

As Massachusetts police precede with the investigation of the car accident, the victims are left to struggle to survive their injuries. Understandably, medical expenses and related costs can quickly add up to substantial amounts, though the first order of concern is the health and well being of those hurt in the crash. As they heal, each victim will have to right to determine if they wish to pursue personal injury claims against the driver. If they do, they will need to prove the driver was negligent in causing the collision and the serious injuries which resulted.

Source: Malden, MA Patch, “Car Hits Two Victims on Broadway, Both in Serious Condition,” Chris Caesar, Jan. 9, 2012

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