Massachusetts dog bite by un-muzzled animal injures man

A man was taken to a Massachusetts hospital recently after he was injured while trying to break up a dog fight. A dog apparently owned by another individual bit another dog in early January. The man that was injured attempted to separate the two animals and was bitten by the same animal that bit the other dog. The nature and extent of the man’s injuries caused by the dog bite was not further reported, and his updated medical condition is not known.

The incident occurred in the Boston suburb of Needham, and the town’s Animal Control Officer responded to the scene. Further details of the attack were not reported. However, the owner of the dog was said to have received a citation because the dog was not muzzled in accordance with local law.

Massachusetts is known as a strict liability state when it comes to dog bite attacks. Nevertheless, the laws regarding strict liability vary from state to state. In addition to state laws, local jurisdictions often have laws that apply within its borders.

As the man recovers from the dog bite injuries, he may elect to review his rights under relevant laws regarding a claim for personal injuries. Medical bills, including those for any anticipated care in the future, may be included in a demand for reimbursement. Further, if any scarring results from the injuries sustained, a monetary claim for any disfigurement as well as for pain and suffering occasioned by the attack may be appropriate. Each case is unique, and the best first step is to gain an understanding of the local and state laws involved in order to assess what legal steps may be pursued if the victim chooses to do so.

Source: Wicked Local Needham, “Needham Police: Dog bites man,” Jan. 21, 2013

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