Massachusetts car accident hurts 3; Police investigating

Fortunately, not every Massachusetts car accident results in life threatening injuries. However, that does not mean that the consequences for victims are necessarily limited to just bumps and bruises. In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, the victims may not know the extent or severity of their injuries. One recent crash in Shrewsbury resulted in hospitalization for three victims, though they were all expected to survive their injuries.

The car accident happened in the late morning hours in early December. A Massachusetts man from Worcester was headed eastbound on Route 20 when he tried to turn left into the Olde Shrewsbury Village Shopping Plaza. In doing so, he collided with a westbound car driven by a man from out of state.

In all, injuries were reported to three people. It is not clear in which vehicles these individuals were riding. Further, the specific nature and extent of any injuries sustained was not reported. Beyond the fact that no one was said to be in danger of losing their life, no updated medical conditions were immediately available.

The injured parties will likely be interested in the progress of the official accident investigation, which is said to be headed by a Shrewsbury Police Accident Reconstructionist. Each person involved in this car accident may benefit from gaining an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under Massachusetts law. In general, those injured by the negligence of other parties retain the right to pursue claims for monetary damages through our state civil court system. Sadly, many accidents result in long term healthcare problems or even full disability, resulting in escalating medical bills and other expenses for those affected.

Source: Shrewsbury Massachusetts Lantern, “Another bad Shrewsbury car accident today,” Dec. 6, 2012

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