Fatal Car Accident in Chatham Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

According to a recent article in the Cape Cod Times, Harwich police attempted to pull over the driver of an SUV for driving recklessly along Route 28 heading west.  The driver refused to stop and continued driving before striking and killing a 62-year-old Orleans man who was waiting at a bus stop.  The destruction continued as the driver then crashed into a car with a family of four who were leaving the Kream n’ Kone restaurant.  Car accidents can cause serious damage to people and property.  A victim injured in a car accident involving a negligent driver may be entitled to compensation for their suffering and losses.  To protect your rights, it is important to contact a local injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident.

In addition to fatally injuring the 62-year-old man, the four family members (including two children) were all taken to area hospitals.  One of the family members was reported to have suffered serious, and potentially life-threatening, injuries.  Overall, the accident damaged seven vehicles.  According to reports, the driver was not from Cape Cod, but rather he has two has addresses, one in Cambridge and the other in Providence, R.I.

In Orleans District Court, the driver of the SUV pleaded not guilty to 10 charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon and operating under the influence.  The driver was also arraigned on charges of negligent operation, speeding, failure to stop for police, having an unregistered motor vehicle, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop or yield, marked lane violation, and a state highway traffic violation. The court ordered the driver held without bail pending an upcoming “dangerness” hearing.

The injured victims of this accident may consider bringing a negligence action against the driver.  And the family of the pedestrian who was killed as he was waiting for a bus may think about bringing a wrongful death action against the driver and possibly other entities involved in the matter.  In such tragic and devastating circumstances, it may be difficult to consider the idea of a lawsuit.  But family members may seek to hold the person who caused the victim’s death accountable. And there may be practical and emotional reasons to do so: in many instances, the victim’s family could be left without the decedent’s income, services and companionship.

A wrongful death attorney can guide the family through the legal process with as much ease as possible.  Some of the items an experienced injury attorney can help determine include: 1) any loss of income (experts look to probable life expectancy and future earnings); 2) determining the family’s loss of services; 3) whether the victim experienced conscious pain and suffering due to the fatal accident; and 4) any medical bills and funeral costs that were incurred.

To experience the sudden death of a loved one is an unbearable tragedy.  It is made worse when the death is caused by the negligence of another human being.  In such cases, the family of the decedent is entitled to recovery for their losses.  A local injury attorney can help you receive the fair and just compensation that you deserve.

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