Common Vehicle Accidents and Their Causes

Understanding exactly what occurred in an accident can aid vehicle accident attorneys in narrowing down who is responsible for the collision. Additionally, this information can help you better understand the injuries that you or a loved one may be experiencing and just how much would be fair compensation for your struggles. There are a few common types of collisions that vehicle accident attorneys see most often, and getting a broad understanding of these main types can set you up for success as you continue forward towards your settlement.

Rear-End CollisionBeing rear-ended is one of the most common types of collisions and can also be one of the worst. These accidents occur when a driver that is directly behind you collides with the back end of your vehicle. Because of where you are being hit, it is common for your head to fly forward and then back against the seat, causing whiplash. Whiplash can be a long-term problem and can occur at speeds as low as five to ten miles per hour. Luckily, rear-end collisions are generally pretty simple collisions for a motor vehicle accident attorney because, as long as you didn’t brake check the person directly behind you, they are going to be liable for all damages. The main causes of rear-end collisions can range from carelessness to distracted driving and mechanical malfunctions, such as in the brakes.

Head-On CollisionA head-on collision can be by far the most devastating type of crash. This is because both drivers are likely going near full speed on whichever given road and have had very little if any, time to slow down. Both cars will collide with full force and they take up around 28% of car crash fatalities. These collisions are nearly always caused by negligence and this can be a tougher case for vehicle accident attorneys if they do not have the full story. If you’ve been involved in a head-on collision, you should contact a motor vehicle accident attorney immediately.

Side-Impact CollisionThese collisions are often referred to as getting ‘T-boned’ due to how the cars look during the impact with one car hitting the side of the other to form a T shape. These accidents are most common at intersections and generally are caused by a driving error by one of the parties. Whether someone is running a red light or didn’t watch the traffic pattern carefully, there should be one driver who is pretty clearly liable during a side-impact collision.

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