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Fall River, Massachusetts

Fall River Personal Injury Lawyers

The Fall River personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III represent clients who have been injured in accidents caused by others. Since 1994, we've dedicated our practice to helping people get back on their feet, whether they have been harmed as a result of a car crash, workplace accident, or medical error. Our lawyers are well known for providing comprehensive legal services for those we serve, and for aggressively seeking any and all available remedies from those responsible for an accident.

One of the 10 largest cities in the state, Fall River draws its name from the exposed waterfall flowing in the center of downtown. The city was originally inhabited by Wampanoag Indians who called the area “Quequechan,” or “falling water," and was later renamed by English settlers. Fall River thrived as a booming center of the textile industry in the 19th Century, a distinction that still shapes the city's culture and aesthetic. Nicknamed "The Scholarship City," Fall River is the birthplace of the Dollars for Scholars program, which helps businesses and other organizations provide scholarship opportunities to students. Notable current and former residents include celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, TV journalist George Stephanopoulos, and political strategist Louis McHenry.

Representing Clients Injured in Accidents

Our firm proudly serves Fall River and its residents in personal injury and other legal matters. With more than 146 years of combined experience, we understand how trying and difficult the recuperation process can be following a serious accident. We assist clients during this stressful time by allowing them to focus on physical recovery with peace of mind, knowing that we are pursuing the legal recovery to which they are entitled. Our lawyers have helped clients obtain settlements of up to $2.2 million, including $1.56 million for the family of a person killed in a car accident, and $900,000 for a client injured as a result of medical malpractice.

Suing for Negligence in Massachusetts

Negligence is most common legal theory under which a person injured in an accident can sue to recover damages from those responsible. In order to prove a claim for negligence, the person suing (plaintiff) must show that the person or entity being sued (defendant) owed him a duty of care, that the defendant failed to live up to that duty, and that this failure caused the plaintiff's injury. For example, a driver is generally expected to operate a vehicle in a reasonable and safe manner, and his or her failure to do so may lead to a negligence suit if someone is injured as a result. Similarly, commercial property owners are required to keep their premises in a relatively safe condition and to warn visitors of potential hazards, or possibly face liability if a guest or customer is harmed.

A person injured as a result of another's negligence has the right to seek legal recovery. Available damages in negligence suits can include money covering:

  • Doctor's and other medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Missed wages
  • Pain and suffering

These damages may include not only amounts already incurred, but also those expected to stem from the accident in the future, such as costs related to further medical treatment.

Why John C. Manoog III?

At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog III, we have successfully represented clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, including those related to car accidents, slip and fall accidents, bicycle accidents, wrongful death, boating accidents, dog bites, and incidents of pharmacy negligence. We pursue every available method of recovery, investigate claims thoroughly to identify all responsible parties, and work tirelessly to obtain the best possible result for the people we represent. We also take pride in providing personalized legal services by explaining a client's rights and responsibilities every step of the way, and remaining available to discuss the case at the client's convenience. We return our phone calls, and are never too busy to talk to you.

From offices in Hyannis and Plymouth, our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and criminal defense attorneys serve clients throughout the state. We offer flexible evening and weekend hours, and we will also come to you if you can't make it to one of our offices. Call us at 888.262.6664 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Nós Falamos Português.

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