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Duxbury Car Accidents

Legal Guidance for Motor Vehicle Collision Victims in the Duxbury Area

About 35 miles south of Boston on the South Shore and just north of Plymouth, Duxbury is best known for well-appointed colonial homes and a quaint New England village vibe. Route 14 connects it to the main arteries of Routes 3 and 3A, and it is not far from the U.S. 44 connector to I-495. The car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III represent people who have been injured in crashes in Duxbury and the surrounding communities. We understand the physical and emotional strain that comes with being involved in an accident, especially when someone else is to blame. Our Duxbury car accident lawyers combine more than 150 years of experience in motor vehicle collision and other personal injury cases to help clients get all of the compensation available under the law. We give the people whom we represent the ability to focus on their physical recuperation after a crash with the confidence that comes from knowing that we are working to get them the legal remedies that they deserve.

Pursuing Damages in Car Crash Cases

Car accidents come in all shapes and sizes, from relatively minor sideswipe accidents to T-bone collisions and highway crashes. Even a seemingly insignificant accident can cause serious injuries. When a person is injured in a car crash in Massachusetts, he or she has the right to seek compensation for those injuries from any parties that were responsible. A car accident attorney in the Duxbury area can help you sue a negligent driver (and his or her employer, in some cases). They may also consider bringing a claim against a carmaker or auto parts manufacturer if it appears that a defective vehicle or component played a role in causing the crash.

The money damages that are available in car accident cases are designed generally to put victims back into the position in which they were before the crash. While that is not always possible in a literal sense, legal remedies can help ease the financial burden of being involved in a crash. Damages regularly include compensation for medical bills, car and other property damage, missed wages due to time away from work, and any reduction in your future earning capacity that happened as a result of the crash. Additional damages for less easily calculable forms of harm like pain, suffering, and emotional distress are also common. If a victim dies in a car accident, his or her loved ones have the right to seek these and other damages through a wrongful death action. Our Duxbury car accident attorneys are experienced in these more complex claims as well.

To get those damages, you will need to prove negligence, a legal theory that holds people and entities responsible for failing to live up to a “standard of care.” Car drivers, for example, are expected to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. If a driver does not live up to that standard, such as by speeding, getting distracted behind the wheel, running a red light, or driving drunk, he or she is likely to be considered negligent and responsible for an accident that happened as a result.

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At the Law Offices of John C. Manoog, III, we are committed to building thorough, comprehensive cases for the people whom we represent. Our firm provides personalized legal services to individuals and families. But there is no need to take our word for it. The firm’s track record of success in car accident and other personal injury cases, which we invite you to explore, includes a number of six- and seven-figure settlements. Our lawyers are happy to offer free consultations at our office in nearby Plymouth, or we can travel to you if you cannot make it to us. We do not charge a fee upfront in most of our cases. Call us at 888-262-6664 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Nós Falamos Português.

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